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Captain Jono Nye comes by his love of boating naturally. He is a direct descendent of Benjamin Nye, who helped settle the town of Sandwich, MA in 1635. Over the centuries, the Nye family history has many merchant sailors, whalers, naval officers, fisherman and a few scallywags just for good measure.

At the age of 12 he received a small sailboat as a birthday gift and off he went, exploring the waters of the Tampa Bay area. Over the next several years he became proficient in sail and power vessel of various sizes.

Through a chance encounter he was offered a job as a deckhand on a 105 ft. research vessel at the age of 18. The only problem was he only had 45 minutes before the vessel sailed on a 30 day voyage. After a quick trip home to pack, he was underway leaving behind a proud father and very anxious mother.

Starting out scrubbing toilets, he worked his way up through the ranks, and at the age of 23 he obtained his 100 ton masters license in New Orleans, LA. At the ripe old age of 24 he made master of his first vessel, a 110 ft. crew/supply vessel working in the offshore oil industry.

After 13 years of working the Gulf of Mexico, he began to tire of the months away from home and through another chance encounter, he was hired as a boatman for the Tampa Bay Pilots stationed at Egmont key.

For the next couple of years he worked for the pilots but after the birth of his son, Caleb, and having spent the last 15 years of working odd hours in weather good and bad it was time for a change. With the help of family and friends, Capt. Jono was able to purchase a 38 passenger pontoon boat and named her the Pleasance. Little did he know that he would spend the next 20 years cruising the local waters and islands carrying tourist and locals alike aboard the Pleasance.

The life of a tour boat operator is feast or famine, so in order to have a little more feast Capt. Jono took on the job of dock master at a local marina during the day, and operated the Pleasance in the evenings for Billy’s Stone Crab restaurant doing the world famous “BILLY’S FREE BOAT RIDE”.

For some strange reason the owners of Billy’s thought it would be a good idea if Capt. Jono became a restaurant manager, so after some haggling (and heavy drinking), he took his first job that required him to wear shoes.

Eight long years later, Capt. Jono and his very understanding wife, Angela, agreed that it would be best if he took their boat “DNYE’S SANITY” and returned to his love of the water.

Nowadays you can find Capt. Jono behind the wheel of their beloved “DNYE’S SANITY” sharing his love of the local waters and islands with new found friends. He’s easy to spot, just look for the big smile!

“You can sit here in my cockpit and argue philosophy, politics or religion all week long and in the end it doesn’t matter. None of it matters a whit. What matters, what really matters, is that we sailed today and now we sit here with a full belly, a drink in our hands and friends to share it with. And life is good, this I know.”

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